transportation for employersEvery day, the need to move more people efficiently in larger cities opens several opportunities for companies interested in offering transportation services to other enterprises.

The business of transportation for employers en León could be the next gold mine, as it is a service increasingly sought by corporations who have moved away from the downtown of the city (due to the lack of space in them), the requirement to have an absolute control of their time and procedures.

Experts in the industry, point out that the business has grown for many reasons, for example: the need of the companies to have in time all their employees, especially those with production lines, the ones who, by the distance need to have this kind of benefits.

In the latest years, the companies of transportation for employers en León, offers a new kind of services, more than the simply idea of transport, today you can see vans with T.V., Internet, Satellite cameras and Tracking Systems, all of this with the idea to make the experience faster, secure and cheaper.

In the State of Guanajuato, the transportation for employers en León is a big opportunity to consider, because of the opening of many companies due to the automotive industry gives a huge window to offer them the kind of transport services that goes further of the actual traditional transport companies.  In cities like León, Silao, and Irapuato the opportunities are too wide.

What kind of requirements do you need?

In order to know which your market is, you have to analyze and to answer the following questions:

  • What do you need to start?
  • What is the different services you could offer?
  • What kind of enterprises will you can attend?
  • What kind of vans or trucks do you need?
  • What kind of route will each unit transit?
  • What is the average consumption of gasoline / diesel per kilometer per unit?
  • What tracking and security equipment do you need?
  • How much is the Maintenance cost?

The answer to these questions will help you, to have a clear idea of what you need to satisfy your target market.


The business of transportation of employers does not require larger facilities. It is enough with a space of 60 square meters, equipped with reception and toilets. The terrain is needed for the security of the units, in which you could start with 3 Vans at the beginning and have the possibility of have more units as you will be having more costumers. The location it should be closer of corporate or industrial areas.


In order to know which the best vehicle option is, first you must define the market you will attend and the location of your clients because is not the same the performance of any vehicle in the city against high ways or sinuous roads. Also, you have to study the number of employees of the company, so you can calculate the passenger’s capacity of each unit and the routes you will make. Also, it is very important calculate the cost of the ownership, which is the sum of the total value of the unit, less the resale value, the performance of the fuel over the total life of the car, the insurance and tenure payment.

With this information, now you can have a look of the several options available and also, you will know that the cheapest units are not always the best option; make numbers and twelve months later, it is possible that a cheapest car will outperform one with higher cost. So do not marry with the first vehicle you see, keep in mind all the information you can get and compare with your business strategy so you can choose the best option.


transportation for employersHiring the people who will drive the units, is the next step that you must take a look. It is not difficult to find drivers with allowed permissions for the task, the hard part is to find trustable people because they will drive an investment of between $300,000MXN and $1,500,000MXN. It is really important define the kind of employees you want for your company, thankfully, there are many companies who will face the complicated work of searching the appropriate staff, especially in this business, in which the security of the passengers is the main point.

There are some standard documents requested for the companies dedicated to transportation for employers en León such as:

  • Residency Proof.
  • Current ID.
  • Birth
  • Letter of Absence of Criminal Records.
  • Certificate of studies.
  • 2 recommendation letters.

Also, sometimes Human Resources managers, go to the candidate’s home and ask to their neighbors some questions, to prove that the applicant is living there. You may think this is excessive but regarding the investment and the safety of the clients, everything need to be perfectly studied to low the situations that compromises the security of the clients and the company name.


Right now, the business of transportation for employers en León in the state of Guanajuato, is very competitive. Every year, more small companies who started with 5 units, after 2 years has more than 100, the growth rate is huge. Several big and small companies offers their services, in which, all of them are trying to be the best in the market. Most of them, still offering the traditional transport service (just a unit with seats and a driver) conscious or not, that some ones are betting to go further, with more technological proposals that make them easier, cheaper and profitable for the companies who required them.

This information could give you an idea of what transportation for employers en León is, and the potential growth of the business, in the following years.